Website Sitemap

It is important for search engines to understand the structure of websites so they can find all the great information Fotomerchant websites have available. Search engines are quite clever and generally are very adept in extracting this information by themselves. A website sitemap however makes this work a lot easier for search engines and ensures that nothing is missed when they come to visit.

Fotomerchant websites come with a fully dynamic sitemap. The sitemap is auto-generated based on the latest publicly available website content. It is also automatically picked up by search engines and includes all blog posts, pages and galleries. 

Locating your Sitemap

Your website sitemap is available at:

http://<fotomerchant website domain>/sitemap.xml

For example, depending on how you have setup your Fotomerchant domain, your sitemap is available at:
... or ...
... or ...

Submitting your Sitemap to Google

Please follow this Google tutorial on how to Submit a sitemap to Google Search Console.




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