Creating a Gallery Page


A Gallery page is a page that shows all images of a specific gallery. 

1. Navigate to the Website > Pages area. 


2. Use the + Page button and select + Gallery Page. 


3. Enter a Page name.

4. Select your Gallery from the drop box. 


5. It is optional to add a Permalink.

A permalink or permanent link is the unique web address to this page. If your web address is and you type gallery into the permalink field, then the permalink for this page would be



6. Another optional field is the Parent Page. When selecting a parent page, the page you have just created will be nested under the parent page in your website navigation menu. 

7. Use the Save button on the bottom of the page to finalise the changes. 


After saving the changes, you can scroll further down the page and review the design options that appear in the Gallery Settings area. 




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