Creating a contact group

Contact Groups are a great tool to organise your contacts into groups for gallery access purposes. 

You can provide exclusive gallery access to contacts or contact groups and the contacts will need to log in to their customer account on your website in order to see the gallery. The tutorial in this link will walk you through the gallery contact access settings.

If you are looking at adding new contacts that don't have an account on your website yet, you can follow the steps in this link on how to add a contact account. 

NOTE: This feature is only available on select plans, to get more information you can go to the My Plan page and search for the 'Create Contact Groups' feature. 


To create a Contact Group out of your existing contacts you can follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the Contacts > Contact Groups area using the menu on the left.


2. Click on the green +Contact Group button on the top right.


3. Provide a name and if you want to a description for the contact group. Then use the green Save button.


4. Select the contacts you would like to add to the group in the left-hand column. Then use the green Add to Group button above the contact list. 


After the Add to Group button was used, the selected contacts will appear in the right column. To remove a contact from the group, you select the contact and use the Remove from Group button. 


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