Why are my Direct Fulfillment orders requiring action?


The Store > Orders area consists of three sections: Requiring Action, Processing, and Completed. 

When an order sits in the "Requiring Action" tab, the photographer's input is needed before the order can be submitted to the print lab for processing.

There are multiple reasons why Direct Fulfillment orders require action and the easiest way to find out what action is needed is to go to the Store > Orders > Requiring Action area and click on the Manage button next to the order as per steps 1-3 in the screenshot below.


Now that you are in the order page, scroll down to the "Direct Fulfillment Products" section, where all the products will be listed. Next to each product, there is an Actions and Status field which indicates if there is an issue and what it is about (e.g. cropping required or higher resolution image is needed). These suggestions are accompanied by buttons that allow you to fix the issue. In the example of the screenshot below, a higher resolution image is required.


There is a "Change Image" button that allows for uploading an image in higher resolution and an "Upscale" button that will use a standard algorithm to enlarge the resolution of your image. 


When all items are 'OK', a Send to Print Lab button will appear at the top. 



NOTE: There is a setting called "Check Orders Manually", which can be found in the Store > Settings > Direct Fulfilment area. If this is turned on, then you will be required to check each order and manually send it to the print lab for processing by using the Submit to Print Lab button on each Direct Fulfillment order. 



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