Adding a Gallery Description

You can provide a more detailed description of your gallery for your customers which may also help to improve your website SEO. 

Depending on the theme of your website, the description can be displayed on Gallery Category or Portfolio pages below the thumbnail of the gallery or fade into the thumbnail when hovering with your mouse on top the gallery. On gallery pages, the description can be displayed above the images. 

This tutorial will walk you through the process of adding the description to a gallery. To display the description on your public website you can refer to your Gallery Page, Gallery Category Page and Portfolio Page settings.

Adding a description to your gallery

1. Navigate to the Library > Galleries area of your Fotomerchant account.


2. Use the Edit Gallery button (pencil icon).
The icons appear when the mouse is on top of a gallery. 


3. Enter a description into the Gallery Description (optional) field.  


4. Use the Save button.


NOTE: Please refer to your Gallery Page, Gallery Category Page and Portfolio Page settings to control the display of gallery descriptions on your public website. 



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