Pointing your domain name using Google Domain

1. Head to the Google Domain SignIn page and login with your Google login details.  

2. In another web browser and tab, login to your Fotomerchant Folio account

3. In your Fotomerchant Folio account, navigate to the Website > Domain Name area. Select I have an existing domain name to use and click on the green Start custom domain setup button. 


4. Fill in your domain details as per the instructions of the blue box below. Then press Link this domain to my account to proceed.
NOTE: Leave the first box blank, do NOT enter www into the first box.


5. Your screen will now show your own individual Verification code that will look similar to the one highlighted in the screenshot below. Copy the code you see on your own screen.

NOTE: Please do not copy the code shown in the screenshot of this tutorial, instead use the code you see within your own Folio account, as otherwise we will not be able to verify the domain name.Fotomerchant_Folio___Website___Domain_Name___Bring_my_own.jpg

6. Head back to the browser tab, you logged into your Google Domains account in step 1.
Click on My domains in the navigation on the left, then click on Manage next to the domain name.  


7. Click DNS then click Manage custom records.


8. Click Create new record and create the four records from the grey boxes below:

Host name: copy / paste your own individual verification code as per step 5 of this tutorial
TTL: 3600
Data: domainverify.fotomerchant.com
Host name: www
TTL: 3600
Data: customerdomain.fotomerchant.com

NOTE: There is no substitution needed for customerdomain.fotomerchant.com.

Host name: (leave blank)
TTL: 3600


You should now have a total of two new CNAME records and two new A host Records and the DNS zone will look similar to the screenshot below. Make sure to use the blue save button once you've set up the records. 


Please note, that older A Host records may need to be removed. You can send us an email to help@fotomerchant.com, if you would like us to review the setup.

10. To finalise the process, we'll need to verify the domain name. Please head back to your Fotomerchant account and press the Verify domain button at the bottom of the page you left off on.


NOTE: Changes to your DNS Zone can take some time to publish and propagate through the network. In case the domain name doesn't verify immediately, please wait a few minutes and retry the button. If you still have trouble after a while, please send us an email to help@fotomerchant.com and we will happily look into this for you.

Once the domain name has verified give it an hour or two for the SSL certificates to update. 


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