Transferring your website domain using "Crazy Domains Email Hosting"

Below is a detailed step-by-step explanation of how to modify your DNS records if you are using Crazy Domains with Email Hosting.


This tutorial is only for Crazy Domains customers using Email Hosting with their domain. If you are not using Email Hosting, please refer to this tutorial.

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1. In a new web browser window or tab, login to your Crazy Domains account using your Username and Password. Press the Login In button.


On successful login you will see a Visit My Account button which you should process to access your account area.


2. In another web browser and tab, login to your Fotomerchant account.

3. In your Fotomerchant account, navigate to the Website / Domain Name area of your Fotomerchant admin interface.


4. At the bottom of this page in the Custom website address section, choose the option I have an existing website domain to use and click the Start custom domain setup button to proceed.


5. Fill in your domain details on the next screen that appears. Carefully read the instructions in the blue box provided. Press the Link this domain to my account button to proceed.


6. On the following screen will be instructions on how to verify your ownership of this domain.


Your domain Verification Code will look similar to "dvriukravlaxbrgr" shown above. You will need the Verification Code at step (11) of this tutorial.

7. Now in your other web browser window or tab logged into Crazy Domains, press Email button at the top of the page.


8. In the Email area you will see the domain your email hosting is connected too. Click on the Control Panel button.


9. A new window will appear with your Hosting Manager account dashboard. Open the Domains section and then click on the Advanced Zone Editor


10. At the top of the Advanced Zone Editor there will be a form to Add a Record to your domain.


11. Use the Add a Record form to create the following record:

Type Name TTL Address
CNAME Your Verification Code 1800

The Verification Code used here is the one provided in step (6) above.

12. Go back to your Fotomerchant account and now press the Verify domain button at the bottom of the page you left off on.


If your domain has been successfully verified, you will see the following message appear on your screen. Press the Proceed to domain setup instruction button.


If your domain verification was unsuccessful, please wait up to 10 minutes and try again by pressing the Verify domain button again.


13. Once your domain is verified, the next step is to set up the other domain records required. Go back to your Crazy Domains web browser window or tab.

14. Use the Add a Record form again to create the following records:

Type Name TTL Address
CNAME www 1800
A Leave this field blank 1800
A Leave this field blank 1800


At the completion of this process your now have:

  • Two A host records
  • One Domain Verify CNAME record
  • One www CNAME record 



Note that if you have any trouble managing your DNS zone or registrar interface, then you can contact Crazy Domains Support here. If you still have difficulty or any questions then you can contact us directly.





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