Google Apps for Work email setup // $99


We offer a Google Apps hosted email solution with your Fotomerchant website for a service fee of $99.

This essentially involves us opening a Google Apps account for you and configuring the email service so that it ties in nicely with your custom domain name.

Google Apps charges a monthly fee of $5 per email account created and they've set a minimum of of 3 email accounts. This would mean an ongoing $15 per month which is reasonably good value.

So, the hosting will be setup by us but is hosted by Google and therefore you can keep it for life. If down the track you decide to discontinue your Fotomerchant account, you can still keep your domain and your email services.

To action this we would need to add a couple of DNS records to your domain registrar account...


If you're ready to go, just contact us on the Helpdesk and send through your domain registrar Login link, along with your Username and Password and we can make a start for you!
Yep, let's go!

(Note: If you're at all hesitant about sharing passwords for third party services, then a good idea can be to temporarily change your domain registrar password to something like: "fotomerchant". You could then change back to your original password once the job is done.)



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