Website Setup (E-Commerce) // $1499

Fotomerchant IS designed to be a self service product, however sometimes our photographers are time poor and/or would like someone else to do the initial setup and leg work for them. This is why our “Account Setup Service” exists.

The Fotomerchant account setup service is designed to get you up and running with a fully functional photography website powered by a properly configured Fotomerchant account. Using one of mobile friendly theme, your own branding, blog, web pages, galleries, etc.
There are 2 flavours of the service available. The Standard Setup and the E-commerce Setup. The E-commerce setup is an extension of the Standard Setup and is aimed at photographers who intend to use the E-commerce functionality of the Fotomerchant platform.
If you're ready to go, just contact us on the Helpdesk and we can make a start for you!
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Below is a summary of what the E-Commerce Setup includes:

E-Commerce Setup // $1499
The E-Commerce Setup includes:
  • Everything listed in the “Standard Build” unless specified otherwise below
  • Products
    • Configuration of up to 5 products (Digital, Direct & Self Fulfilment)
      • Includes custom shipping methods if required
    • Configuration of a single pricing catalog
      • Includes any tiered pricing options you may want to configure
    • Configuration of up to 2 packages
    • Configuration of up to 2 1-click products
  • Discounts
    • Configuration of up to 2 coupon discounts
    • Configuration of up to 3 volume discount tiers
  • Store configuration
    • Configuration of payment methods (PayPal and Stripe)
    • Financial settings
    • Direct Fulfilment and Digital workflow rules
  • Client Galleries
    • Configuration of shopping cart for client galleries
    • Guided assistance in configuring Adobe Lightroom plugin for use with your Fotomerchant account
  • Handover and training
    • Handover of website with a detailed summary of what has been done
    • Training on the basic functions within the account
  • Once the initial build is complete you will be asked to go through the website and submit any changes you would like.
  • Note: 1 set of changes is included with the E-Commerce Build.
  • All options are based on design and build activities using current available Fotomerchant themes and do not include any custom designs.
  • Turn around time may vary but is usually within 5-10 working days.
  • Payment is taken up front before the account setup starts
If you're ready to go, just contact us on the Helpdesk and we can make a start for you!
Yep, let's go!
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