Resetting the password for a Contact account

When a person registers on your website, places an order or fills in the contact form, a contact record will be automatically created and listed in your Contacts > Contacts area of your admin interface. You can also create contacts yourself to record any potential business leads that are important for you to keep track of.

If an existing contact places another order, they will be asked to log into their existing account on your website. In the instance that the contact has forgotten the authentication details, it is easy to reset them. 

This article includes two ways in which you or the contact can reset a contact's password:

1. Initiating a Password Reset via the live website.
2. Changing the Password via your Fotomerchant account.


1. Initiating a Password Reset via your Fotomerchant website

Initiating a password reset for a contact will send an email to the contact's email address with a link for them to start the password reset process on your website.

1. Go to your public Fotomerchant website.

2. Press on the Account icon or link in the website menu bar (this will differ depending on which theme your website uses)


3. Click on the Login option available.


4. Click on the Forgotten your password? link.


5. Enter the email address of your Contact and press the Reset my password button.


6. Ask your Contact to check their email inbox to find their password reset email. The email will contain a link that they can then use to reset their account password.


Changing the Password via your Fotomerchant account

This process will mean that you will set a new password for the Contact's account on your website.

1. Log into your Fotomerchant account.

2. Go to the Contacts > Contacts area using the left hand page menu.


3. Scroll down the list of contact records to find the person that you wish to reset the password for and click on the link with their name on it.


4. On the Contact screen, press the button titled Change Password.


5. Enter in a new password for the contact.


6. Confirm the new password by re-entering it again.

7. If you choose to use the "Send an email notification to this contact of the password change", Fotomerchant will automatically send a notification to this contact's email address that their password has been changed, and the new value that has been set by you.

8. Press Change Password to confirm this change.


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