Customer unable to locate Digital Downloads files

When your customer places a Digital Download order, the Fotomerchant system will go to work generating a brand new image file at the particular resolution they've specified.
Generally this will happen (almost) immediately and the customer will still be on their order page. The page will be automatically refreshed and a link prompting them to download their files will appear right there in the browser.

If the the customer has placed a large digital order, or the system happens to already be processing a large volume of digital products for other Fotomerchant members, there will be a short delay before your customers' JPGs are ready to download. In this scenario they may move away from their order page, but they will receive an automated notification email when the products are ready with instructions to bring them back and help them quickly access their files.

...aaaannd then they'll probably lose or delete that email, which is why you're reading this, yes?

Ok, so if you customer has lost these instructions you can help them access their files in two quick steps.

1) Make sure that they're logged into their account on your live website using the email address they provided when they first placed the order. ...if you have your own custom domain. ...if you're using a Fotomerchant 'Vanity URL'

If needs be, you can always look up a customer's login email from the Contacts section of your admin interface.
You can also reset their password for them from there and have the system automatically email them the fresh password.




2. Once logged in, they can now navigate directly to their "Orders / Digital Downloads" page to access the digital files using a direct link that will look something like this:

The direct link to any customer's Downloads page will always have the format..


So once they've logged into the live site, you should be able to send them that link and simply "plug in" your own Domain Name and their specific Order Number to send them directly to their files.
(They can either click on this in the email message you send them or copy/paste it into their browser address bar)

Too easy! Now here's a quick template for you to email them. Just substitute in your own Domain Name as well as the customer's Order Number and edit as you see fit!

Hi _____,

You should be able to access your digital files by following these quick steps..

1) Log into your account here:

2) Once you've logged in, simply click this link (or copy & paste it into your browser address bar)

Thanks very much for your business.

Kind regards,



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