Choosing a Keyword or Keyphrase Theme

A keyword or keyphrase theme is a consistent focus topic that is supported by the content of a page.

A keyword could be anything from "SEO" to "Weddings"; and a keyphrase could be "Sydney Wedding Photographer" or "Abandoned Cars". This choice is entirely up to you depending on the topic you wish to blog about or create a gallery of images around.

This keyword or keyphrase becomes an important strategy for SEO because it creates focus on one topic, with specific choices in the content to reinforce the theme and do it well, rather than create a spam of keywords and mixed ideas.

Fotomerchant provide tools to specify SEO information at all levels of your website. These tools allow you to ensure that the keyword or keyphrase theme can be mentioned in all aspects of a page that benefits SEO and page ranking in search results.

How to apply this in practice?

We find that the best way to understand this is to see it in practice.

For example:

We want to create a gallery to target "abandoned cars" as they search phrase. We have put together a collection of images that represent this topic and proceed to setup a gallery to focus on this specifically. A gallery could be created with the following sample Page content and SEO information to support this keyphrase choice:

Page Heading: Abandoned cars in the outback
Gallery Description: A collection of photos of abandoned cars from my trip to the Australian outback.
Page Link (Permalink):
Meta Title: Abandoned cars in the australian outback
Meta Description: Abandoned cars in the Australian Outback at the mercy of mother nature and the elements.

TIP #1: Ensure that the keyword or keyphrase is featured early or at the start of the Page Heading, Description or Meta Information.
TIP #2: Make sure the keyword or keyphrase is included in the first paragraph on the page.
TIP #3: Choosing a keyword or keyphrase can be difficult. One way we like to approach this is to base it off what Google suggests to you as you type into their search field, or to use Google Keyword Planner. For example:




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