SEO Best Practices with Fotomerchant

To assist Fotomerchant users through the journey towards better SEO, this collection of principles will help you maximise the SEO value in your Fotomerchant website.

So what best practices should I apply?

  • Use your own domain or setup your Fotomerchant website as a subdomain of your own website hosted elsewhere.
    • You should avoid linking from your own domain to your Fotomerchant vanity domain (e.g. The Fotomerchant vanity domain is a great way to get started online. However, linking to your vanity domain from your own domain or website does not combine the SEO value of both websites.
    • External source: Domains - SEO Best Practices
  • Understand how sensible SEO defaults are used and how to configure SEO information at all levels.
  • Make sure your images have meaningful titles and descriptions.
    • Fotomerchant will automatically populate image ALT tags with your image Label and Description (if available). This allows search engines to understand what images are available on your website and allow keyword searches to match with images.
  • Avoid duplicating content.
    • Duplicating content on your website may cause search engines to penalize your website's ranking. Create content that is unique and informative for your website visitors to read and for search engines to crawl.
  • Create content (blog posts, galleries and pages) that discuss and showcase a consistent keyword or keyphrase theme for website visitors (and search engines) to read .
  • Don't forget about the Page Link. 
    • The Page Link should be easy to read and reinforce your page title and keyword or keyphrase theme. In your Fotomerchant account this can be set for galleries, gallery categories and pages as the Permalink option.
  • Submit your website to search engines at:
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.



How do I edit my Meta Data?


Here's a quick video to show how you can edit the SEO Meta Data (Title, Keywords and Description) of any of your Web Pages, Blog Pages, Blog Posts, Galleries, Categories, and Portfolio Pages.

Basically any live section of your site that you might want to draw traffic to!







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