How to upload a custom Background, Logo, Favicon or Watermark

So you can design and upload your own custom background, logo, favicon and watermark graphic assets to help give your site some of your own unique character.. 


  • You can upload a custom Background, Logo and Favicon from the Website / Theme page of your account


 You can also grab template PSD files to work with here..

 ..and here's a  Watermark template PSD file for you (just in case!)


  • Other graphic assets can also be uploaded and inserted into your Web Pages from the Website / Assets section of your admin account.



  • And a custom Watermark Image can be uploaded from the Library / Watermarks page by hitting the New Image button to the top right of screen.


  • Checkout Lesson 7 in our Kick Start Guide for more detail on the watermarking setup.


That's it..    time to crack out the design skills! 



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