Adding a Logo, Favicon and Background Image to your website

In order to change either your Logo, Favicon and Background image, all these settings can be found under the Website > Theme section of your website administration area. These options may differ on a theme by theme basis and it is always best to review this section for the latest options and help information.



Adding a logo image to your website is a great way to display your brand and improve the overall look of your website. Currently, we only offer support for JPEG, GIF and PNG logos. The general recommendation for website logos are:

  • Geneva Theme
    • A maximum resolution of 300x50 pixels. 
  • Phoenix Theme
    • A maximum resolution of 168x168 pixels.



A favicon is an icon that will appear in website browser tabs and windows when your website visitors view your site. A favicon can be uploaded as either a ICO, GIF or PNG image. The maximum image dimensions must be 32 x 32 pixels

Due to various browser limitations, it is recommended that an ICO file be used for maximum browser support of the favicon uploaded. GIF and PNG image favicon will not work in Internet Explorer.

Here you can see the Favicon for our Fotomerchant Help Desk appear in Google Chrome browser tabs and bookmarks.






Background Image

Adding a background image can be a great way to completely revitalise the look of your website. Currently we only offer support for JPEG, GIF and PNG background images. The general recommendation for background images are:

  • Geneva Theme
    • Choose an image that would work well when it is centre-top aligned to your website. This image will scroll with the page as a user navigates down the page.
    • The default background images provided by this theme range in sizes from 2600x3600, 8x3600, 2600x27 pixels.
  • Phoenix Theme
    • Choose an image that would work well when it is top-left aligned to your website. This image is fixed, so it will not move when the user scrolls down the page. 
    • No default background images are provided with this theme. It is recommended that an image of approximately 2600x2600 pixels is used.
    • NOTE: On mobile and tablet devices the background image is not display for this Theme. As mobile devices do not generally support fixed backgrounds that do not scroll, the background image is omitted for best user experience. It is recommended to ensure that background colour for the website is set to a colour that best matches the dominant colour of the background image.
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