How do I Upload and Insert Assets?


You can upload your graphic assets to your account from the Website / Assets page..
..and then copy the Asset Link that you see below the uploaded file.


Here we go...

1) Hit Website

2) Click on Assets

3) Now hit the Choose File button to begin uploading the file from your local hard drive.

4) Once the file has uploaded, hit the Copy link to asset button below the file's thumbnail image.


Now head to the Web Page you want to work with (Home, About, etc..).


5) Add a new Content Block.

6) Select the Image option.

7) Finally Paste the asset link into the URL field and save your changes at the bottom of the page!



..and you're done!


This next section will help you if you're still using the earlier Fotomerchant version 2 platform..

You can upload your own graphic assets and files (like PDFs) to your account from the Website / Assets page.

  • Any of your uploaded assets can then be inserted into your custom Web Pages (Home, About, etc..) by heading to the Website / Pages section of your account, selecting a web page and using the Insert icon in the text editor menu.


..short and sweet!

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