How to embed a Vimeo or YouTube video

So you can embed a YouTube or Vimeo hosted video into any of your Fotomerchant Web Pages (Home, About, Contact, etc...)

You  just need to publish your video to a YouTube or Vimeo account and then access the HTML embed code that your video host provides. 

  • YouTube: Here's a YouTube support article to help you with their process.
  • Vimeo: and here are the steps for the Vimeo platform..

Go to the video's page and click the "Share" button that appears when you hover your mouse over the video player. In the window that opens, you'll see a field containing embed code for the video. Just copy the code and paste it into your website or blogging software.



So now that you have the code..   just paste it into any of your Fotomerchant Web Pages using the Edit HTML Source button!

Here we go...


  1. Hit Website

  2. Hit Pages

  3. Now select the Web Page you'd like to edit Eg: Home, About, etc..

  4. Now hit the Edit HTML Source button to the top right of the text editor.

  5. Paste in your embed code and then hit Update to the bottom left of the HTML source editor window.

  6. Finally hit the green Save button to the bottom right of the Edit Page to confirm all your changes.

If you have your live site open in another browser window or tab make sure you hit refresh to see your changes published.

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