How do I Verify my Pinterest account?

In order to verify your website on your Pinterest Business Account, you will need to first retrieve the HTML tag from within the Pinterest account and then add it to the Website > Settings area of your Fotomerchant account. 


1. Within your Pinterest Business account, click on the chevron icon (down arrow) on the top right of the screen. In the dropdown menu select Settings and then click Claim on the left side in the Navigation. Pinterest.jpg


2. Click the Claim button next to Websites.


3. Click on the code below the Add HTML tag area to copy the code.  



4. In a second browser tab, log into your Fotomerchant account and go to the Website > Settings area.



5.  Then click on the Website Analytics and Tracking codes section title to unfold it. 



6. Paste the code that you have copied in Pinterest into the Pinterest Verification Code (optional) field. Now we will need to remove the first part of the code <meta name="p:domain_verify" content=" and also the last part of the code "/>.

So if the code is <meta name="p:domain_verify"content="59a9722e4a69abcd2aa22e0b18cdb32d"/>

You will only want to add the sequence of numbers and letters like so 59a9722e4a69abcd2aa22e0b18cdb32d



7. Make sure to use the green Save button on the bottom of the screen. 

8. Go back to the Pinterest browser tab, we copied the code from earlier and click on Continue


9. Enter your website URL and click Verify.Pinterest.jpg




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