How do I edit my HTML?


You can edit the html code in any of your Web Pages (Home, About, Contact etc..) by following these quick steps.

  1. Hit Website

  2. Hit Pages

  3. Now select the Web Page you'd like to edit Eg: Home, About, etc..

  4. Now click the + icon to create a new content block and select the Raw HTML/JS icon to the right.

  5. Enter or paste in your HTML code.

  6. Finally hit the Save button to the bottom right of the Edit Page to confirm all your changes.

This FAQ video will cover the Web Page Editor use in general. If you don't need to create a new Web Page at the moment, then just enter the existing Web Page that you want to edit and follow the video along from the 1min 20 second mark!





Using the Older Version 2 Web Page Editor..

If you're still using a Fotomerchant Version 2 web page editor, then you can manually edit the html code by following these steps.

Here we go..


  1. Hit Website

  2. HIt Pages

  3. Now select the Web Page you'd like to edit from your Pages listing  (EG: Home, About, etc..)

  4. Now hit the Edit HTML Source button to the top right of the text editor.

  5. Make your changes and then hit Update to the bottom left of the HTML source editor window.

  6. Finally hit the green Save button to the bottom right of the Edit Page to confirm all your changes.

..and you're Done!

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