Applying a watermark to a gallery

Watermarks are a great way to protect images on a website. Many of our photographers choose to use a logo or business name in the watermark, which can help promote their brand and makes it very easy to identify the images even if someone takes a screenshot.

With Fotomerchant you have the option to upload your own individual graphic for the Watermark or to use one of the example graphics available in the account. To create your watermarks, you can follow the instructions in this tutorial on how to create a Watermark.

Once the watermark has been created, it can be attached to a gallery or a digital product. 

Watermarks that you apply to your Galleries only have an effect on the preview images used through-out your live site but not effect products that are ordered. This means the files we send to the print lab will not show the watermark, so there is no danger of your customers prints arriving with watermarks on them. The same applies for digital products, the end product that is downloaded by the customer will not be watermarked. If you would like digital products a customer downloads to be watermarked, you can apply the Watermark directly to the Digital Product when configuring it, the tutorial in this link will walk you through the process.

Here is how you can apply a watermark to a Gallery.

1. Make sure you have your Watermark configured the way you want it to appear on your images. Check out the watermarking tutorial here

2. Navigate to the Library > Galleries area of your Fotomerchant account.


3. Use the Edit button (pencil icon) on the gallery you would like to add the Watermark to.
The icons appear when the mouse is on top of the gallery. 


4. Click on the Privacy and Security section title. 


5. Select your Watermark from the 


6. Use the Save button on the bottom of the page.





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