Publish your Galleries to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & LinkedIn

Checkout this video for a run-down on publishing your Galleries, individual Images and Blog Posts to your social media channels. 

It will also illustrate how to enable social sharing buttons in your live galleries so visitors to your site can share your images among their own networks.

..and there's more step by step detail on the process for you below as well!



How does it work?

You can share (or "Publish") your Galleries directly to your social media properties including your Facebook timeline, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn. When you publish your Gallery, we will automatically include in the post:

  • The title of your Gallery (make sure it is relevant)
  • Description (a good way to describe the event in greater detail)
  • Thumbnail with watermark (uses the gallery Cover image)
  • The specific address of your Gallery (use the default link, the fotomerchant shortener or setup your own using
  • Plus, you can  can add your own comment to accompany the post.

You can choose to post to ANY of your connected social accounts simultaneously, meaning you can publish to your Facebook Page, Twitter and more - all at the same time.

What can be shared from my account?

It is currently possible to share the following content to social networks connected to your account:

  • Galleries
  • Individual images
  • Blog posts


For all of this to work you will need to connect your various social accounts to your Fotomerchant account. 

1. Make sure you are logged in to your various accounts before you begin.

2. Inside your Fotomerchant account, click on the Integrations menu and then click Social Networks

3. To connect your accounts, click the Connect button. You will then be guided through various prompts (depending on each social network) asking you to confirm the connection between accounts.

NOTE: When connecting to Facebook, you will be prompted with the message "Allow Fotomerchant to post to your timeline on your behalf" do not click SKIP. This is an essential part of the service and our system will only ever publish to your Facebook properties by your hand. We will never automatically spam your wall - this is to allow you to publish to your site using Fotomerchant.


4. With your accounts connected you can now Publish your galleries directly from the Library. Go to your library and roll over the Gallery you would like to share. A row of icons will appear - click the "share" icon on the far right.


5. A dialogue box will appear and present you with the options to select which social networks you would like to share this Gallery with. Roll over each thumbnail (and wait a few seconds) to see the name of the social property. 


6. Select the Social Networks you would like to publish to simultaneously. 

7. Choose to "shorten" the URL to reduce the amount of characters your post will be (this will reduce your URL to or you can use your own account to personalise the URL).

8. Add message to accompany your post (watch the character count if you have selected Twitter).

9. Click share.





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