Can I charge a Service Fee through my account?



You can setup a Service Fee for your customers using the Self Fulfillment product method.

Lesson 9 in our Kick Start Guide will step you through the product creation. You would just need to ensure that you switch to the Self Fulfillment products tab when you begin creating your product.



  • In this case, you would create a Self Fulfillment product named Edit Service (for example). You can then set a price for the service in any of the Catalogs that you add the "product" to.
  • Now, in the Shopping Cart, a customer will see this "product" listed alongside any other print or digital products in that Catalog as an individual item to add to their Cart.
  • Lessons 10 and 11 in the Kick Start Guide will then help you complete the Catalog and Gallery setup.


  • Rather than (or as well as..) adding the Edit Service to a Catalog, you might instead incorporate it into a Package along with some regular print products.
  • Lesson 13 of the Kick Start Guide should help you setup your Packages..


Hope this helps!



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