How do I use my own domain with a Fotomerchant account?

So you can point your own existing domain to your Fotomerchant account.. or you can choose to purchase a new domain within your Fotomerchant account provided you're subscribed to a plan that includes "BYO Domain" as a plan feature. 

Using your existing domain

If you already have a domain ( registered with your own registrar then you can point that domain to your new Fotomerchant site by working your way through this Knowledge Base tutorial

Important: There's no need to cancel your current domain hosting account, nor should you arrange to have your domain released from your current domain registrar. Doing this can cause delays in resolving your domain setup and can also break your email service

Registering a new domain

You can also purchase a domain from within the Fotomerchant application (for $25 per year) and the new domain will be configured to point to your Fotomerchant site for you.

This tutorial will step your through the process!

Organising a domain through us also gives you access to Email Forwarding on your new domain, meaning you can setup an email address to match the new domain (Eg: and have all email to that new address forwarded to another established email address of your choice. 

Just contact us to let us know if you'd like Email Forwarding setup on the freshly registered domain!


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