Setting up my Fotomerchant Site as a Subdomain

We have some clients who have their main website hosted elsewhere and are using Fotomerchant solely as a galleries / e-commerce site. In this scenario we recommend to set the main website up with the root domain e.g. and the Fotomerchant account using a subdomain e.g. This will make the transition between websites look seamless. 

NOTE: In order to point your own existing domain name to a Fotomerchant website, you will need to be subscribed to a suitable plan that includes the "BYO Domain" feature. Please refer to our subscription plan page for more information.

1. Navigate to the Website > Domain Name area of your Fotomerchant account.


2. Select the I have an existing website domain to use option and then click the Start custom domain setup button.


3. Enter the subdomain into the first field. If you want your domain name for the Fotomerchant account to be, then you would put galleries into the first field.  


4. Enter your main domain name without the .com (.net, .org,, etc...) into the next field.


5. Select the top level domain type from the drop down menu.


6. Click on the Link this domain to my account button.


7. Make sure to carefully read the text on this page and to follow the instructions. 


8. In the screenshot above you see there are two steps to get the CNAME record up. I recommend that you open a new browser tab and log into your domain registrar account in the new browser tab. 

Step 1 is to create your own individual verification CNAME record in your domain registrar account. This record will verify that you are the owner of the this domain and is different for every domain name. 

Select a CNAME record, type your own verification record in the Host field and into the points to field write

[verification-code] - pointing to -

Step 2 create another CNAME record in your domain registrar account for the subdomain. 

The second CNAME record will be -
[subdomain] - pointing to -

In the example above we used galleries, so you would type the word galleries into the Host field. Please also note that there is no substitution needed for

9. Head back to the Fotomerchant account. Give it 10 minutes or so and then hit the Verify domain button.


10. If the domain verification is successful, you will see a green box appear:


If your domain verification was unsuccessful, please wait up to 10 minutes and try again by pressing the Verify domain button again until it verifies. If you can't get it to verify please send us a screenshot showing the records that have been set up in your Domain registrar account to We will be happy to review the setup for you and advise on changes if required.  







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