Accessing original PhotoMerchant billing details

In this lesson I'll show you how to access your Billing History details and track down any invoices you may need to help stay in control of your tax and other financial obligations.


Here we go -

1. From your Admin Dashboard, click on the Account link
2. Click on Billing History
3. Now notice that you are presented with two tables - the first details your full Billing History with Subscription, Printing and Transaction fees.
4. Click on one of the Transaction number links to open the related invoice in a new browser tab.


The invoice should provide you with all the detail you need to keep tabs on your tax and general admin work!


Now, back in the original PhotoMerchant tab..

5. The second table is titled "Your PhotoMerchant Transaction Fee History"
6. Click on an Order ID to navigate straight to the order details page associated with a particular transaction fee.
7. Finally take note that transaction charges you see listed in the first table are often batch charges constituting transaction fees from a number of different orders. This second table breaks down the transaction charges for you so that you can match a transaction fee to an individual order.


Clicking on the order ID of any of the records in the Transaction Fee History table will take you straight to the order details page associated with that particular transaction fee.

- Done! -

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