Where can I view my website statistics?

Your native Fotomerchant Metrics and Statistics 


We’ve tapped deep into the heart of your site to bring you visibility over visitor behaviour as well as gallery and web page statistics and referrer site information. You can access a number of overview charts on your main Dashboard, with even more detail available on the Metrics / Visitors section of your admin account to help you monitor your site’s performance and steer your business.

Here's a video to introduce you to your Admin Interface account and the Metrics and Statistics available through your Fotomerchant account.



Using Google Analytics

You also have the ability to integrate your Fotomerchant site with a Google Analytics account if you wish.

You can create a Google Analytics account here - http://www.google.com/analytics/

Then in your Fotomerchant account go to the Website > Settings section of your website administration area. On that page, you can paste in your Google Analytics code. Make sure you only enter the tracking ID (which looks something like UA-XXXXXX-X).


There are many reports available to you in your Google Analytics account. When logged into your Google Analytics account, first navigate to the Reporting area available at the top of screen.


Firstly, to see how much traffic your website is getting overall, check out the the Audience > Overview report. This report lets you see web traffic over time and segmentation by demographics, system, mobile and language.

To view which area of your website are performing the best, we find that the report available under Behavior > Site Content > All Pages is a good place to start. This will give you a view of all your website pages and where you users spend the most time.

When releasing an update on Facebook or other social networks, check out the Real-time > Overview report to see live results of your website's visitor behaviour!

There are also many more reports in GA that can give you great insight into your website!



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