Do you offer Email Hosting?

Fotomerchant does not offer email or webmail as part the service. However, there are three ways that you can have an email address using your website domain:

1. Purchase a website domain from within the Fotomerchant application (for $25 per year) and the website address will be automatically configured for you. Buying a domain through Fotomerchant also gives you access to Email Forwarding on your new domain. With Email Forwarding, you can setup an email address like and have all email sent to this address redirected/forwarded to an existing email address of your choice hosted through third-party email provider like GMail and Outlook. Email Forwarding does not provide POP or IMAP access to the email address used for Email Forwarding.

Example: Emails sent to will be redirected to

2. If you already own your own website domain you will need to arrange a "Domain Hosting and Email" package with your Domain Registrar (the company you bought your website address from.  This will allow you to manage your own website domain settings and have your own dedicated email address with webmail, Pop3 or IMAP (depending on the services your Domain Registrar offers)

Please note: you won't need a "Website Hosting" package with your registrar as this is what Fotomerchant is offering you.

3. For the more technically inclined, you can also take advantage of the Email management services offered by Google Apps

If you would like to use Google Apps with your Fotomerchant Website and would like our team to set this up for you, a $99 service fee applies. (Google Apps is charged seperately by Google to you and is not included in your Fotomerchant subscription. Please refer to the Google Apps website for pricing information). Contact us if you'd like to take advantage of this service.


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