What does the service cost?


Pricing Plans

There are no set up fees and no closing fees and you can view the full pricing details on our Pricing Plans page. 

Essentially we have four different plans available to meet your business needs and for each of these plans you can choose to pay either annually or monthly. You can choose between the StartGrowStreamline (most popular) and the Automate plans. 


  Start Grow Streamline Automate
Monthly $12 $25 $45 $99
Yearly $120 $252 $456 $960



Payment of your subscription fees requires a Visa or Mastercard, and to receive orders from your customers you will need a Business or Premiere PayPal account.

> Note that if you're joining us from outside Australia or the US, then your Subscription Fees will be charged to your registered credit card in US Dollars. The correct exchange rate will be calculated for you at the time the subscription fee is processed. 


Here's how it works

  • Your customers will browse your website and "add photos" to their shopping cart. Once they are satisfied with the contents of their order and have entered their address and contact information, they will be re-directed to PayPal where they will have the opportunity to pay for the photos via Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. PayPal is used as the merchant facility for receiving order payments, however if your customers do not have a PayPal account they will still have the option to pay using Visa or Mastercard.

  • The Total Order Value will be placed directly into your PayPal account, minus the PayPal Transaction Fees applicable to your country*. For example, if the total value of the order is $100, after PayPal's transaction fees AU$97.30 will be placed into your PayPal Account.

  • If using Direct Fulfillment - your credit card will be charged the wholesale print and shipping costs at the time the order is placed. The two fees will be bundled together under one charge and will appear on your credit card statement as a "Print Fee" with reference number format.. FMPF000012345678912345.  

(Note that these costs have already been paid for by your customer as a component of the $100 final retail sale price that lands in your PayPal account. So the customer pays you for wholesale print and shipping and you pay the print lab).

  • If using Self Fulfillment - your Fotomerchant account will track the wholesale print and shipping costs for you based on the costings you have entered in your Fotomerchant account from your own print lab and shipping service. We obviously don't charge you any wholesale fees here. Only the Transaction Fee would be payable (see below).
  • Digital Download products (this only applies to the top 'Automate' plan) Digital Download products attract a Digital Processing and Delivery fee of $0.10 per Megapixel. So if you're selling digital images at a resolution of 4MPx, then adding a small margin of 40c to your retail pricing will cover this for you. You will also be able to process your first 100 MPx of digital products for free before this fee is actioned.
  • The Fotomerchant Transaction Fee will then be charged to your credit card shortly after the sale is processed. If you're subscribed to the Streamline plan, 5% of the  Total Order Value will be charged. So in our example above, 5% of the $100 total order value gives a transaction fee of $5. To keep things simple we try to bundle multiple transaction fees from different orders together for you, rather processing an individual charge for each order. If your accumulated transaction fees exceed a $5 threshold, then we will run a transaction charge at 11am (AEST) that day. If the accumulated fees are less than $5 then we will wait until the end of the week and then run the transaction charge on the Friday at 11am (regardless of the accumulated amount).


PayPal Fees

Read more about PayPal's Transaction Fee's here:

Stripe Fees

Read more about Stripe's Transaction Fee's here:



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