How do I get Paid?

How am I paid?

Every order that is processed through your Fotomerchant website is automatically paid either into your PayPal account (if the payment was made via PayPal) or in your bank account (if the payment is made via Stripe).


Fotomerchant Transaction Fees (Applies to all orders)

The Fotomerchant Transaction Fees apply to all orders processed through your account. This includes both Self and Direct fulfilled print orders as well as pure Digital Download orders. Transaction fees will be deducted from your Credit Card toward the end of a business day and to keep things as efficient as possible transaction fees from different orders that day will be consolidated and processed as a single charge for you.

You can checkout your Billing History with us at any time by following the steps in this FAQ. 

> Note that if you're joining us from outside Australia or the US, then your Transaction Fees will be charged to your registered credit card in US Dollars. The correct exchange rate will be calculated for you at the time the transaction fee is processed.


Print and Shipping Fees (Applies to Direct Fulfillment orders in Australia and the US only)

The wholesale Print and Shipping Fees need to be charged to your Credit Card at the time the order is placed on your site to ensure the Direct Fulfillment print lab can process your customer's order as quickly as possible. The Print and Shipping components for each order are combined together and will appear on your Credit Card statement as one charge titled Fotomerchant Printing FeeEach order attracts it's own individual Printing Fee.

If the Printing Fee fails to process on your Credit Card at the time of sale, you'll receive a notification and you can retry the charges from the Store / Orders page of your admin account so that the order can then be sent to the lab for processing as quickly as possible.


> Note that if you're using the Self Fulfillment method, your Fotomerchant account will help you track the wholesale Print and Shipping costs you incur through your own print lab. However we do not charge you a Print or Shipping Fee. We'll just show you the numbers!    =)


Digital Download Processing and Delivery Fee 

(Applies only to the "Automate" plans)

If the customer order contains Digital Download products, then a Digital Processing and Delivery fee of $0.10 per Megapixel will be also applied. So if you're selling digital images at a resolution of 4MPx, then adding a margin of just 40c to your retail pricing will cover this for you.


The Scenario

Ok, to explain how all of the above works, let's work to a hypothetical example:

You are signed up to the $18 monthly Grow plan and the Fotomerchant transaction fee is set at 8%. 
You sell a single print for $82.50 (including a 10% sales tax) using Direct Fulfillment*. 
Shipping costs $17.50 (including taxes).
There are no Volume Discounts or Discount Vouchers applied to this transaction. 
The total value of this order is $100.00


The Order Break-down:
$97.30 - Total paid into your PayPal Account (based on Australian PayPal Fee's detailed below..   $100 - $2.70) 

$08.00 - Fotomerchant Transaction Fee charged to your credit card (based on the Grow plan 8%)
$22.50 - Fotomerchant Printing Fee charged to your credit card ($5 Wholesale Printing + $17.50 Shipping) *
$00.00 - Discounts

$66.80 - Your total Profit from the order


*Again, If you're using Self Fulfillment, the system will track the wholesale Print and Shipping Fees for you, but no fee is actually charged by us. These would of course be payable to your own print lab.


PayPal Fees

Read more about PayPal's Transaction Fee's here:


Stripe Fees

Read more about Stripe's Transaction Fee's here:


Hope this helps!


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