How can I change my Gallery Layout?

Fotomerchant offers a variety of themes which can be adjusted to a degree from the Website > Themes area of the account. Each of these themes comes with different gallery and portfolio layout options and these can be changed individually for each Portfolio page, Gallery Category page and Gallery page from the Website > Pages area of the admin interface. 

Here is the process on how to change the Gallery layout.

1. Navigate to the Website > Pages area of your Fotomerchant account.


3. Click on the Portfolio Page, Gallery Page or Gallery Category Page you would like to edit. 


4. Scroll down the page and click to open the Gallery Settings section title 


5. At the top of the Gallery Settings section you will find the layout options you can choose from.

I personally like to open my website in a different browser tab, so I can easily review the changes as I work through the different options. In order to see the changes on the live website, you will need to use the Save button on below the settings and also refresh the tab you are viewing the website in. (Shortcuts to refresh the page: Windows - Press Ctrl + F5, Mac - Press ⌘ Command + ⇧ Shift + R)

NOTE: The layout options are different for each theme, so what you see in the screenshot below may look different on your end. 


6. Further down the page you can also find the options to Show image titles, image descriptions, image buttons or unique image links. In addition to that you can adjust the lightbox image size in this area. 


7. Make sure to use the green Save button on the bottom of the page once you are done with the changes. 




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