I've received payment but can't find the customer order - Resend IPN

This is rare but it can happen.

If you have received a customer payment in your PayPal account but haven't had the order show up in your Fotomerchant account, then you may need to check your PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) settings. 

An IPN is essentially a PayPal system notification that updates your Fotomerchant account to confirm that a customer order has in fact been processed and the transaction completed. If this message fails for some reason, then your customer's order may remain active in their shopping cart until the IPN message can be correctly resent.



2. Select a date range that will include your customer's recent payment. 



3. Now select the check box for the relevant transaction IPN.

4. Finally hit the Resend Selected button to fire that IPN off again!


Let us know when you've completed these steps through your Help Desk ticket (or create a new ticket here help@fotomerchant.com) and this should hopefully get things moving again for us!



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