Direct Fulfillment processing times and shipping costs (Australia - Nulab)

Here are the normal turn-around times for the different products offered through Melbourne based Nulab Professional Imaging.

Note that the order delivery time will be a combination of the Production time (largest product in your customer's order) and the Shipping time.


Production Times

Print Products

Lustre prints are generally printed on the same day the order is received.

Metallic prints are only printed on Fridays. So orders that contain any Metallic prints will be held until these are completed.


Larger Products

Canvas Prints (no framing) - 5 working days

Mounting - 5 to 7 working days + print time (usually be 1 to 2 days)

Framing - 10 working days + print time

Acrylic - Officially this is a ten day turn around but as metallic printing is only actioned on Fridays this can stretch to almost three weeks if an order comes in on a Monday.


Shipping Times

Once an order is processed it will be shipped via either Toll Priority or Australia Post depending on your customer's shipping selection (more information for you on activating the Australia Post shipping option here.

For the most part, orders shipped via Toll Priority are delivered the day after processing is complete to anywhere in Australia. 
Nulab Professional Imaging are based in Melbourne. Australia Post deliveries can take longer as this is not a priority service.


Shipping Costs

The full Shipping Cost table is included below (excluding GST) and is also available within your Fotomerchant admin account under the Store / Shipping Methods section. 

Please note that your Fotomerchant account will allocate the correct Toll Priority shipping option for you. It will essentially determine whether the shipment will be international or domestic after capturing your customer's shipping details and will also decide for you whether the order should be deemed "Regular, Medium or Large".





NB - The Australia Post option is only available for smaller orders. For more detail on the order restrictions please refer to this FAQ.

Also note that if you enable the "Allow Customer Pickup" option on the Store / Settings / Direct Fulfillment section of your admin account, then the order will be shipped to you so that you can then pass the order on to the customer in person. However, in this case the shipping cost will not be passed on to the customer!


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