Should I use Self Fulfillment or Direct Fulfillment?

We refer to Order Fulfillment as the printing and shipping of an order to your customer.

You can choose to use Self Fulfillment by including only Self Fulfillment products in your Catalogs. Similarly, if you plan to use the Direct Fulfillment method  exclusively (available in Australia and the US), then you would add only Direct Fulfillment products to your Catalogs. 

Note that if you wish, you can also setup a Catalog to contain both Direct and Self Fulfillment products. This means that you could have customer orders come through with a combination of both Direct and Self Fulfillment products.

This Kick Start Tutorial will help you create a new Catalog and add new products to it.


Note that if you're joining us from outside Australia or the US, then you're account will be setup with the Self Fulfillment method only.


Self Fulfillment Overview


So, Self Fulfillment means that you (the photographer) are responsible for the printing and shipping of the order to your customers. You’re free to use whatever method or print company you currently use, or you can contact our partner print labs – Full Color Professional Printing (USA) and Nulab Professional Imaging (AUS) to arrange manual ordering through them.

You can setup your own wholesale product costs by editing the individual products under the Self Fulfillment tab on the Store / Products page of your admin account. This Kick Start Tutorial will help you setup your products.

Note that Fotomerchant does not charge you Print or Shipping fees when using Self Fulfillment. However the system will track the wholesale print and shipping costs that you pay to your suppliers for you!


Direct Fulfillment Overview


Direct Fulfillment means that the printing and shipping is automatically processed through our print partners (Full Color Professional Printing (for US based customers) as well as Nulab Professional Imaging  and Bond Imaging, both in Melbourne for Australian photographers. The order can be shipped directly to you (the photographer) or to your customer. For “event” based photography projects this can greatly improve your work flow and your customers receive a premium photography product.

Again, this Kick Start Tutorial will help you get moving with some new products.


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