How do I switch my domain from PhotoMerchant to Fotomerchant?

Ok, so if your domain is managed by your own domain registrar and you edited your DNS zone to point the domain to your original PhotoMerchant site, then there are just a few edits that you'll need to make to your DNS to point the domain to your new Fotomerchant site. Here's what what we do...


By the way, if your domain is hosted by NetRegistry,,, Melbourne IT or Crazy Domains, then we have a couple of Knowledge Base articles here that should help you work through your registrar's interface.



1, 2. Ok, so go the Website / Domain Name page in your new Fotomerchant account. 



3. Under the Custom Website Address table, hit the top radio button.

4. Hit the Start custom domain setup button





5 - 7. Follow the on-screen instructions here.

8. Hit the Link button!


9. Domain Verification

Now, in your DNS zone we originally created a CNAME Verification record. Something like this:

3216a1b90a9d0e         - IN CNAME -

Your Domain Wizard will now give you a new Verification Code so you can replace the old code with the new by either editing the CNAME record, or deleting it and creating a new record. The new record should look something like this:

dvrdabcyair         - IN CNAME -


Note the spelling change in the destination URL (foto and .com!) Wait for approximately ten minutes and then press the Verify Domain button in the Domain Wizard.



10. Adding the www Subdomain CNAME record

Ok, so we also originally created a www CNAME record in your DNS that looks like this:

www          - points to -          

We now want to edit or replace that record to look like this:

www          - points to -            (This exact text should be entered.. no substitution needed!)

Note the spelling change in the destination URL (foto and .com!) 


11. A Host Records

Ok, we now want to setup 4 new A Host Records for you. You would originally have setup 2  records looking like this.. 

@        - IN A -
@        - IN A -


We now want to replace those IP addresses with these..

@        - IN A - 
@        - IN A -

Note that the @ symbol in the first "Host" field here simply represents your root or naked domain.

If your registrar's interface doesn't accept the @ symbol, then try leaving the field blank or type in your "root domain" for example.


Great! Finally, add these 2 wildcard A Host records with the same IP addresses. So we're just replacing the @ symbol with an asterisk here *

*        - IN A - 
*        - IN A -



That's it! 

As always with DNS edits these changes can take up to 48 hours to reflect across the net..  but of course let us know if you're having trouble with the process.

..and you're Done!

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