8. Setting up your Store: Configuring Stripe

With the Stripe integration, you can accept secured credit card payments directly on your website so customers don't need to leave your website to pay for their order. Your customers will not need a Stripe account of their own in order to pay you. They simply need a credit or debit card to checkout of your site. You can read up on more of Stripe's pricing and other information here

A Stripe account can be used in conjunction with PayPal or it can replace PayPal. If you wish to configure a PayPal account with Fotomerchant then you can do so by following the steps in this Next Level tutorial.


Note: The Stripe feature is currently only available if you are signed up for an Australian or US-based Fotomerchant account. It is also only available if you are on Fotomerchant Version 3. All older versions do not support the Stripe integration. 


  1. Navigate to the Store > Settings area of your Fotomerchant account.
  2. Click the Payment Methods option.
  3. Click the blue Connect with Stripe button.


  4. Fill in your email address. Then press Continue.


  5. Based on the email entered, the system will establish whether a Stripe account already exists or not.
    • If there is a pre-existing Stripe account, you will be prompted to log in.
    • If there isn't, you will be taken through the steps to create a new Stripe account. Make sure to go through all the required steps and keep an eye out for a verification email that Stripe will send you to complete the sign-up process. Don't forget to check your spam folder too.



Note: In some countries, Stripe may prompt you for more detailed documentation like a scan of your passport and more business details. There's more detail for you on their ID Verification approach for you here.


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