6. Setting up Google Webmaster Tools

In this lesson we will look at how you can monitor the way Google is indexing your Fotomerchant website using Google's "Webmaster Tools".

Log in to your Google account

First you need to visit the Google Webmaster Tools webpage in your web browser. The URL is: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools.

Please note, you will need a Google account before you can continue with this lesson. In order to create a Google account click here.

Add your Fotomerchant website to your account


1. Click the "ADD A SITE" button found at the top right of your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard.


2. Enter your domain name into the popup window. This can either be your full domain (i.e. www.example.com) or your vanity domain (i.e. example.fotomerchant.com) provided by Fotomerchant.

3. Click the "Continue" button.

Copy the "meta content" contents


1. At the top of the page select "Alternate methods".

2. From the options available choose "HTML tag"

3. A piece of HTML code will be provided to you when HTML tag is selected. Copy only the special code that has been given to you as this is all that is required.

4. Leave this page open as now you will need to put this code into your Fotomerchant account.

Add the Google verification text to your Fotomerchant account



Log in to your Fotomerchant account at http://admin.fotomerchant.com/signin

1. Click on "Website" then "Settings" menu option on the left hand side of screen.
3. Paste the text copied from Google Webmaster tools into the field provided on the Website Settings screen. If you have copied the entire HTML code provided make sure that only the string contained within the double quotes are included (as demonstrated in the above picture).
4. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

Verify your site with Google


1. Click the "Verify" button back in your Google Webmaster tools screen.

2. You should now receive confirmation from Google that your website is verified!




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