2. Pointing an existing Domain to your Fotomerchant Site

This is the process to follow in order to point an existing domain to your Fotomerchant account.

Note: In order to point your own existing domain name to a Fotomerchant website, you will need to be subscribed to a suitable plan that includes the "BYO Domain" feature. Please refer to our subscription plan page for more information.



Log into your Fotomerchant account and.

1. Navigate to the Website > Domain Name area of your Fotomerchant account.


2. Select the I have an existing website domain to use option and then click the Start custom domain setup button.


3. This step is optional if you are using a subdomain. Otherwise, leave this field blank.


4. Enter your main domain name without the .com (.net, .org, .com.au, etc...) into the next field.


5. Select the top level domain type from the drop down menu.


6. Click on the Link this domain to my account button.


7. On the next screen you will now see a big blue box at the top of the screen. Make sure to read the text in this box.


8. The system has now created your own verification record, which will need to be created as a CNAME record in your domain registrar account.

Our Domain Transfer Tutorials will take you through the CNAME record creation in some of the more common Domain Name Registrar accounts. Check these out to see if yours is covered!

9. It may take some time for the CNAME record you just created to publish across the network. Give it 10 minutes or so and then hit the Verify domain button.


10. If the domain verification is successful, you will see a green box appear:


If your domain verification was unsuccessful, please wait up to 10 minutes and try again by pressing the Verify domain button again until it verifies.


11. On the next screen will be a list of domain records that will need to be created to complete the setup. These domain records will need to be created for your domain registrar where your existing domain lives.

Our Domain Transfer Tutorials can be of help with this if your domain is registered with any of these providers: GoDaddy, Crazy Domains, NetRegistry, Name.com, Domain.com or Melbourne IT



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