2. Pointing an existing Domain to your Fotomerchant Site

Here's the process to follow in order to point an existing domain to your Fotomerchant account!

Note that domain functionality is available from the Grow subscription plan upward.




Log into your Fotomerchant account and...

1. Click Website.
2. Now hit the Domain Name option.
3. Select I have an existing website domain
4. Hit Start custom domain setup


5 - 7. Follow the on-screen instructions through this section.

8. ..and hit the big green Link button!

Let's create the CNAME Verification record...


9. Read this!

10. Folllow these!

As mentioned above.. our Domain Transfer Tutorials will take your through the CNAME record creation in some of the more common Domain Name Registrar accounts. Check these out to see if yours is covered!


11. Now, Waaaait for it.. It may take some time for the CNAME record you just created to publish across the network. Give it 10 minutes or so
...and then hit the Verify domain button.

(Good feeling isn't it?! That just so slightly delayed gratification!..)

Note: If the domain didn't yet verify and you're still feeling a little less than gratified... don't fret!
Just continue with the next steps and we'll come back to the Verify domain button later.



Again, even if your domain hasn't yet verified you can move ahead with these next steps and return to step 11 later to complete the verification.

12. So now, click the View domain setup instructions link.

Now we tackle the A Host Records!


13. Go through the 4 steps highlighted here to add the four A Host Records to your domain name registrar DNS Zone

Again, our Domain Transfer Tutorials will help with this if your domain is registered with any of these guys..
GoDaddy, Crazy Domains, NetRegistry, Name.com, Domain.com or Melbourne IT


14. Once you've created the A Host Records you can navigate backto the Domain Name page using the Breadcrumb Navigation at the top of the page.

A quick example..


So, this is what my DNS Zone or Host Records look like after adding the CNAME record and four A Host Records in my Enom domain registrar account.

15. Make sure that you remove any previous A Host Records pointing to other IP addresses from your DNS Zone.
Leaving earlier records in there can cause your domain name to switch back and forth between your previous website and your new Fotomerchant stite.


16. Now hit the Finish domain verification button back on the Domain Name page.


Now, if your domain didn't Verify correctly back in step 11, then we can have another go at it now..

17. Hit the Verify domain button.


That's it!

As always with DNS edits these changes can take up to 48 hours to reflect across the net, though it's generally much quicker...

..and you're Done!

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