1. Registering a New Domain Name

Let's take a quick look at registering a new domain from within your Fotomerchant account!

Note that the BYO domain functionality is available from the Grow pricing plan upward.



.COM.AU Domains..

Unfortunately it's not possible to register a new .com.au domain from within your Fotomerchant account..
Only new .com .net .org .biz .name or .info domains can be registered here.

If you definitely need a .com.au domain then you can register through a 3rd party registrar and then point the domain to your new Fotomerchant site by running through the next tutorial: Pointing an exising Domain to your Fotomerchant Site

These domain registrars have processes in place that integrate nicely with our own and they can handle both the Domain and Email hosting for you.


Ok, Here we go..

1. Hit Website
2. Hit Domain Name
3. Select the second "..register a new website domian" radio button.. (wow.. mouthful!)
4. Hit da big Green Button.


5. Enter you preferred domain name.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you get the spelling right! Triple check it even!!.. you wouldn't believe the number of times I've had to...  well, you get the idea!

6. Ok, hit the Check availability button.
7. If your preferred domain is available, select it from the list.
If your first choice isn't available, you may need to get creative and try a different domain name or perhaps use a different Top Level Domain (.net .org .biz etc..)

8. Hit the Register button

NOTE that I'm not being charged for this domain registration because...  um, well I work here!

  • A $25 registration fee applies when registering a new domain within your account.
  • A $25 renewal fee also applies and will be charged automatically each year that we renew the domain for you.
  • Some of our plans include a complementary registration and purchase of a domain and we'll also take care of the renewal fee for you provided you're still on the same plan when renewal comes around. Please refer to our Pricing page or the My Plan page in your account for information about whether your plan includes complementary domain registration and renewal.


9. Registration complete!

10. So you can now use either of these URL's for all of your branding.

11. Note that while there's nothing more for you to do here.. there will still be a delay before the new domain name server (DNS) details fully propagate through the network. That's Geek for "..relax and check again in the morning!" This can take up to 48 hours but is generally much quicker.. =)

So that's it.. you're up and running with a fresh domain!

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