Transferring your website domain using "GoDaddy"

Here's a blow by blow look at pointing your GoDaddy domain to your new Fotomerchant site!

Note that in step 15 below, you'll need to enter your domain Verification Code. You can find your this by navigating to the Website / Domain Name page of your Fotomerchant admin account and making your way through the Custom Website Address process there!.. It will look something like this: dvrrtabcjdxnu


So, log into your Godaddy account...





1. Now, hit Manage (next to Domains)





2. Click on the Settings (gear) icon to activate the drop down menu.

3. Select Manage DNS





4. You should already be here, but make sure you're on the DNS ZONE FILE tab to access your domain settings

5. Now it’s time to start adding the new records. Select Add Record to get started! 





 6. Select A (Host) from the Record Type drop down menu





7. In the Host field, enter the "@" symbol
8. In the Points to field, enter the Fotomerchant system IP address:
9. Set TTL to 1/2 Hour 

10. Next, select Add Another and repeat steps 7-9 but this time in the "Points to" field, enter the second Fotomerchant system IP address:


11. Ok, it might feel like we're going in circles here..    but we're going to go through steps 7 - 9 twice more..    and this time in the Host field, rather than the @ symbol, you'll enter an asterisk (*) symbol. Do this using both IP addresses we saw earlier: and, then hit the Finish button.





12. So you should now have a total of 4 A host records..  click Save Changes.






13. Now its time to add the two CNAME records. From the Add Record screen, select CNAME



14. In the Host column, enter the text www
15. In the Points to field, enter the text (This exact text should be entered.. no substitution needed!)
16. Set TTL to 1/2 hour






17. Now it’s time to add the final CNAME record. In the Host column, enter your Verification code. Eg dvrrtabcjdxnu
*Note that the Verification Code is generated from wihin your Fotomerchant admin account. You can find your Verification Code by navigating to the Website / Domain Name page and making your way through the Custom Website Address process there!
18. In the Points to field, enter the text





Finally, hit the Save Changes  button again.. 

..and your DNS Zone should now look something like this!






Note that the chnages we've made to your DNS Zone can take some time to publish and propagate through the network. If you wait at least 10 minutes you should then be able to return to the Website / Domain Name page in your Fotomerchant account and complete the domain verification!

..and if you still have trouble then hit us up via the Help Desk and we can help you out!

Great.. you're done!

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