Transferring your website domain using "NetRegistry"

Below is a detailed explanation of how to modify your DNS records if you are using NetRegistry as your domain registrar.

 Note that in step 9 below, you'll need to enter your domain Verification Code. You can find your this by navigating to the Website / Domain Name page of your Fotomerchant admin account and making your way through the Custom Website Address process there!..

It will look something like this: dvrrtabcjdxnu

So, log in to your NetRegistry account


You can access the NetRegistry login page at:

1. Enter your NetRegistry username
2. Enter your NetRegistry password
3. Click the "Login" button


Select and administer your domain


4. Select your domain from the drop down box
5. Click the Administer button


Access your DNS "Zone Manager"


6. If your account currently has Redirection enabled, click this link to Disable Redirector
7. Now click on the ZoneManager link


Add the Fotomerchant verification CNAME record


8. Click the CNAME link




9. Enter the domain verification code that was generated when you began the Custom Website Address process in your Fotomerchant account
This code will look something like this - dvrrtabcjdxnu

10. Change the TTL field from 3600 to 1800.

11. In the Host field, enter the text

12. Click the Add Record button



Add the Fotomerchant www CNAME record


13. Click the CNAME link again.




14. Enter www in the Name field.
15. Enter 1800 in the TTL field
16. in the Host field, enter the text (This exact text should be entered.. no substitution needed!)
17. Click the Add Record button

Note: If at this stage you receive an error message stating that an A Host record with this Name already exists.. you may still need to disable the redirection function mentioned in step 6. If you've completed that step and you're still having trouble you may need to contact NetRegistry Support and ask them to remove it for you.

The record that needs to be removed would look something like this: www     3600     IN    A


Add the Fotomerchant A Host Records


18. Now, click the A link on the Zone Management page.




18. Leave the Name field Blank
19. Enter 1800 in the TTL field
20. In the Host field, enter the IP address
21. Click Add Record

Ok, now I want you to repeat steps 18 to 22.. for this second IP address




Ok, now we need to create two "wildcard" A host records for the same IP two IP address we just entered.

22. Hit the A link agian from step 18
23. Now in the Name field, enter this text: *
Yes, that's an Asterisk character, followed by a full-stop (period), and then your domain name Eg: *

24. Now, enter 1800 in the TTL field
25. In the Host field, enter the first IP address again -
26. Click Add Record

Great! Now repeat steps 22 to 26.. for our second system IP address -




So You should now have..

- Four new A host records. (Two records pointing to each of the two IP addresses)
- One Domian Verify CNAME record.
- One www CNAME record

This should allow you to verify your domain name within your Fotomerchant account.. but wait around 10 minutes before you try it!


Note that if you have any trouble managing your DNS zone or registrar interface, then you can contact NetRegistry Support here.
..and of course If you sitll have difficulty or any questions then you you can contact us here!

- Done! -

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