1. Managing your Galleries

Welcome to the Fotomerchant Kick Start Tutorials!!

We'll keep the formalities to a minimum and try to run you through the fundamentals of your site set up as quickly and clearly as possible. If you have any trouble with anything here don't hesitate to tap us on the shoulder by logging a support request through your Help Desk account.. or just email us directly at help@fotomerchant.com.

Now, on with it! Here's a quick video to help you get comfortable handling galleries in Library area your new Fotomerchant account.

Video Topics:

  • Introduction to the Kickstart Guide
  • Introduction to the Library area of your Fotomerchant account.
    • Organising and sorting galleries in your Library
    • Viewing images within a Gallery
    • Deleting or editing a gallery
  • Understanding the Bulk Edit Toolbar
    • Controlling the visibility of your galleries
    • Edit and delete multiple galleries at a time
    • Assigning Catalogs, Packages and Gallery Categories to galleries in bulk.




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