7. Watermarking


Setting up some classy watermarks is going to help you with 2 important facets of your business.
A) It will help to protect the preview images that appear on your live site.
B) It also gives you the option of applying your branding to some of your Digital Download products if you so choose.

A couple of points to take note of..
- Keep in mind that for any Direct Fulfillment print order that comes through your site, the image file that is sent to the lab for print processing will not carry a watermark. So you don't have to stress about customers receiving watermarked prints! =)

- Digital Download files however will be processed with the watermark you apply to it. So perhaps only stick a watermark on your lower priced, lower resolution digital products. More detail on this in the Digital Downloads lesson coming up!

You can grab a Watermark template PSD file here..



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