8. Setting up your Store: Configuring PayPal


  1. Video 1: Paypal Account Configuration
  2. Video 2: Paypal Account "Language Encoding Settings"
  3. Step by Step Instructions 

Video 1: PayPal Account Configuration

To get your Shopping Cart up and running we first need to configure some financial settings in your Fotomerchant Store.

A) Here's a vid to help you work your way through the process in your Fotomerchant account! (Check further below for a step by step instructions)



Video 2: PayPal account "Language Encoding Settings"

You'll also need to make a quick edit to the Language Encoding Settings in your PayPal account.

Here's a quick 2 minute video to show you what to do. This link will take you directly to the Language Encoding section of your Paypal.com account.



Step by Step Instructions

B) Ok, so if you're a still picture kind of person, here's another version of the PayPal Account Configuration process for you from Vid 1 above!


1. Click Store
2. Click Settings
3. You'll now arrive at the Business tab
4. Select Yes in the Enable e-commerce field. This will make more fields available to you further down the page.
5. You can now set whether you need to Include Tax in your pricing
6. Set a Minimum Order Value for your site
7. If you've made any changes to the default values here, make sure you Save your changes!


8. Click Payment Methods
9. Click Yes to Enable PayPal payments
10. Enter your PayPal email address (This is the email address you use to login to your PayPal account)

Now, these are the 3 API credentials (API Username, Password and Signature) that we need to dig out of your PayPal account and plug into the fields you see here. Here we go...


Ok, so to dig out these details, open nother browser tab or window and login to your PayPal account - https://www.paypal.com/

Now, the PayPal site is undergoing some changes at the moment so you'll find yourself dropped into one of two different interfaces to navigate through. Basically, we're trying to find your API Access setting.

A) Here's the first method...

11. If you find yourself in the interface above, then hit the Profile navigation link
12. Click My selling tools
13. Click Update alongside the API Access row.

This will take you to the API Access screen I mentioned.. now just hang in there a moment while I sort the other guys out.. (or just go straight to step 12!)


So alternatively you might find yourself landing on this Overview page when you login to the PayPal account..

14. So from here, just hit the API Access link


Great! So now that we're all on the same page...

15. Click Request API credentials


16. Make sure Request API signature is selected
17. Check out the Terms of Use
18. Click Agree and Submit


Ok, here comes the Copy / Paste routine..

19. Select and Copy your API Username (Ctrl + C on a PC or Command + C on a Mac)... and then switch over to your Fotomerchant browser tab and Paste this into the PayPal API Username field. (Ctrl + V on a PC or Command + V on a Mac)

20. In the same way, Copy and Paste the API Password from the PayPal interface into the PayPal API Password field in the Fotomerchant interface.

21. ..and finally do the same for you the PayPal API signature


So here again are the fields in your Fotomerchant interface that you've just pasted the API Credentials into.

22. Now just hit Save!


..and we're done!



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